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Slater T-Shirts

In 1988, the Slater brand started producing the American T-shirt. The classic American T-shirt from "Slater" is a shirt with a comfortable straight fit and a high collar. This T-shirt model was originally part of the American Navy uniform and became very popular among ordinary people in the 50s, especially young people. Slater is known for its T-shirts, but apart from T-shirts Slater also produces Slater boxer shorts in black and white. The Slater T-shirts are characterised by high wearing comfort, which results in fantastic quality. View all Slater T-shirts online. | More information

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Slater T-shirts. In 1988, the Slater brand began producing the American t-shirt. The classic American "Slater" t-shirt is a shirt with a comfortable straight fit and high hem. This T-shirt model was originally part of the uniform of the US Navy and became very popular with ordinary people, especially young people, in the 1950s. Slater is known for its T-shirts, but in addition to the T-shirts, Slater also produces Slater boxer shorts in black and white. The Slater T-shirts are characterised by a high wearing comfort, which leads to a fantastic quality. Here you can find all Slater t-shirts online.

Slater t-shirts online

The Slater collection has expanded considerably since 1988. The collection now consists of over 18 different styles. The range includes the classic Slater t-shirts with round neck, Slater t-shirts with V-neck, t-shirts with deep V-neck, Slater t-shirts with long sleeves and the Slater t-shirts with Serafino neck. Serafino shirts are t-shirts with a buttoned neckline and are also known as grandpa t-shirts. The t-shirts are available in black, white and navy blue.

Slater: Fitted design

Slater T-shirts online shopping

Social responsibility at Slater

The fabric Slater uses for its T-shirts is produced according to the guidelines of the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative). This initiative aims to make cotton production as fair and environmentally friendly as possible. In this way, both current and future cotton production is safeguarded. The Slater's factory is also fully BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certified. The BSCI provides companies with a code of conduct to help them build an ethical supply chain. This code is based on international legislation to protect workers. This includes regulations on working hours, holidays, minimum wage, child labour and working environment.

Slater T-shirts: Back to the past

The T-shirt (tee) is older than you think. The first T-shirt we know was developed by the US Navy around 1913. It was a large white cotton crew-neck T-shirt worn under the uniform. This is also the type of T-shirt that Slater was the first to produce in 1988. After its introduction to the Navy, the T-shirt became a standard piece of equipment for several Defence departments.

The T-shirt was particularly popular because it was lightweight and breathable, making it suitable for warmer climates. The popularity of the T-shirt as a leisurewear item only really became apparent with the film "A Streetcar named Desire". In this film, Marlon Brando wore a simple white T-shirt as an everyday item. In the 1960s, the T-shirt became more popular and people started to print them as souvenirs, fashion or protest. Thus was born the modern graphic T-shirt as we know it today.

Slater basics

Slater: Typically American

Few names are as typically American or rather characteristic of the Anglosphere (America, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand) as the name Slater. The origin of the name can be traced back to the year 1066 and is one of the oldest medieval names. Originally, the name meant slater or roofer. As houses were often covered with slate in the past, the person who covered the roofs with it was called "slater" by profession. Many people will have heard the name Slater before. Christian Slater the American actor, Kelly Slater an American surfer or Slater Bradley a famous modern American artist. Not all people with the name Slater come from the world of sport or art. For example, there is John C. Slater, a famous American physicist and inventor of the Slater determinant.

The fit of Slater T-shirts

Slater t-shirts are made in the following fits:

  • The basic fit is a wider, straight fit like the original shirts from the 1950s.
  • The body fit is a slim fit model
  • The stretch fit is similar to the body fit, but with a small amount of elastane in the fabric, these t-shirts are stretchier and offer more freedom of movement.

Personal service for men with style

You can buy Slater clothing online in our webshop for shirts and basics in the Netherlands and Belgium. We distinguish ourselves by offering only high quality clothing. Personal service comes first. And we want you to feel comfortable in a shirt. The result is a collection of brands that have one thing in common: They are the best and most popular shirts of the moment. Slater Basics for the modern man.