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Stenströms face masks

The premium shirt manufacturer Stenströms from Sweden is using its production facilities to manufacture not only fashion items but also reusable, washable Stenströms Behelfs face masks. The masks are made of twill fabric in a discreet, plain white design. The basic material is 100% antibacterial cotton, whose antibacterial effect is achieved by treatment with silver oxide. The effect remains 99.5% even after 100 washes at 90 degrees. The Stenströms mouth-nose masks are not medical respirators, but so-called community masks. They protect the wearer from bacteria and the person opposite from the spread of viruses through larger droplets which are filtered by the mask when breathing out.
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Textile Stenströms face masks

Stenströms has been producing the finest shirts for more than 100 years. During this time, the company, which also supplies the Swedish royal family, has earned a reputation for unique quality that reaches far beyond the borders Stenströms face masksof Sweden. The passion of Stenströms employees for fabrics, quality and the satisfaction of the wearer can be felt in every piece of Stenströms clothing. This is also true for Stenströms face masks.

Stenströms face masks are made of 100% antibacterial cotton. To ensure optimal protection and comfort, Stenströms community masks are available in two sizes, small (S/M) and large (L/XL), and are supplied with an elastic adjustable elastic band to be fixed behind the ears.

Following the Stenströms sustainability principle, the material of the masks is unbleached and chemically untreated, except with silver oxide to ensure antibacterial function. Due to the high quality of the material, the antibacterial effect is still 99.5% even after 100 washes. The masks are washable at 90 degrees.

Important notes:

  • When taking off the mask please only touch the rubber bands behind the ears. Otherwise the surface of the mask could be contaminated by germs on the hands.
  • Stenströms Mouth and Nose Masks are not a medical device (not a medical Stenströms respiratory mask), but a community mask. It protects the wearer from many bacteria and also from transmitting coarser droplets to others when exhaling.
  • Stenström's face masks are hygiene products and therefore cannot be returned.