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When does man wear a Tommy Hilfiger Relaxed Fit shirt?

Not all shirts are the same! The right fit decides whether a shirt look is top or flop. If the shirt is too spack and the sleeves are too short, the first impression quickly becomes a real test. Just as important as the look is the cut of the men's shirt. The Relaxed Fit shirts from TOMMY HILFIGER are the perfect choice for men who like it tighter on the shoulders and want enough room to move with the rest of the shirt. With a Relaxed Fit shirt, you emphasize the widest part of your body with your shoulders and thus visually create a sporty V-shape. The term "Relaxed Fit" is mainly used for wide cut jeans. With shirts, this comfortable fit is also called Comfort Fit, Classic Fit or Custom Fit. Whether short-sleeved for the summer or long-sleeved for the cold days - with the excellent fit of TOMMY HILFIGER Relaxed Fit shirts you will enjoy unique wearing comfort in its most beautiful form. The current collections have shirts in a fantastic range of colors ready for you. The soft pastel shades, trendy earth colors and gaudy statement stripes set very special accents. The characteristic logo stitching on the chest gives the look additional glamour. Store now for the popular men's essentials from TOMMY HILFIGER at