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How to order

In the following we will explain how you can order your shirt quickly and conveniently at

If you are already trained in ordering at Online Shops, you will find the following links to our shopping worlds:

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1. select product

Category: Clicking on a selected category opens a list of all the products contained therein. You can open the details (picture and text) of a product by clicking on the product title or on the product picture or by clicking the button "order" directly into your shopping cart.

Search: In the field "Search" you can enter the desired product term. By clicking on the "Search" button, all products found are displayed. You can open the details (picture and text) of a product by clicking on the product term or you can transfer the product directly into your shopping cart by clicking the button "I want to have that".

List of bestsellers: In the bestseller list you can see the best selling products. Here you can call up the details (picture and text) by clicking on the individual product names.

New products: The products shown here can be selected directly by clicking on them. The details (picture and text) are then displayed.

2. accepting into the shopping cart

Once you have decided on a product, all you have to do is click on the button in the detailed product view (picture and text) in the basket.

In the shopping cart:

The shopping cart view shows you all selected products. You can now add the required quantity (by default, 1 is always entered in the Number field). The changes made are not accepted until you click the "Update" button. By marking the Remove field you can remove products from your shopping cart.

If the quantity and product in the shopping cart are correct, you can go to the next step by clicking the "Checkout" button. You can also access other products from your shopping cart and continue shopping. All previously selected items remain in your shopping cart. In the next step, please confirm your identity by entering your e-mail address and password. If you are not yet a registered visitor, you will be asked to create an account.

3. Proceeding to checkout

Click on the "Checkout" button to select the payment method and the type of delivery. In addition, you have the possibility to indicate possible hints or wishes in a separate field.

Payment method: PayPal, cash on delivery, prepayment, credit card (currently we accept MasterCard, VISA, Amex and Diners Club) from the 1st order. We assure you that this data will be treated with absolute trust. Security is guaranteed by encrypted data transmission (SSL).

Other delivery address: Here you also have the option of entering a different delivery address than the billing address. To do this, click on the "Change address"button. This allows you to conveniently send gift items directly to the selected person. The account will always be settled with the address you have entered in your customer account.

Modify your order: You can change your order at any time. By clicking on the button "Change order" you will return to the shopping cart.

View shipping options: Clicking the "Shipping Options" button displays all the addresses you entered. Here you will also find addresses from previous orders. These are always automatically added to your customer data. You can select the desired address here or enter an additional address by clicking the "Change address" button. Here you can also select which shipping options to display. By default, all shipping methods are always displayed and calculated. If all data are in accordance with your wishes, please click on the "Next"button.

4. complete shopping

When all the data is correct, click the "Next"button. Now you can check your entire order at a glance. You will see the number and type of products, order total, shipping costs, VAT, shipping method and delivery address. If you want to change something, click on the button "Change order" again to return to the shopping cart. If all data are correct, you can complete your purchase at Hemden. de by clicking on the button "Order".

Confirmation by e-mail: You will receive an order confirmation within a very short period of time