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Meyer trousers for men - Emotion

Meyer Trousers for Men

Meyer trousers for men. Meyer is a German brand that specialises in trousers. Meyer men's trousers are very comfortable to wear and therefore a coveted piece in every man's wardrobe. The brand stands for style and class. Meyer was founded in 1960 and is a real family business. Since its foundation, Meyer Hosen AG has been one of the leading European men's trousers specialists. Each pair of trousers is characterised by perfect craftsmanship and is made with German precision. | More information

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Meyer Herren Hosen für Männer mit Anspruch

Meyer trousers is a German brand that specialises in trousers. Men's trousers from Meyer are very comfortable to wear, which makes them a popular part of men's wardrobes. The brand stands for style and class. Meyer was founded in 1960 and is a true family business. Since its founding, Meyer Hosen AG has been one of Europe's leading men's trousers specialists. Each pair of trousers features perfect craftsmanship and is made with German precision. So a pair of Meyer trousers will last a long time. The brand also specialises in golf trousers. Meyer men's trousers come in three cuts: Italian Fit, Modern Fit and Regular Fit. Meyer trousers belong in the wardrobe of every true trouser fan. View all Meyer trousers online.

Meyer men's trousers: high-quality trousers for every occasion

Meyer trousers and trousers for men

Meyer trousers are the trousers you have been looking for for years. These trousers are characterised by their high quality and are really suitable for every occasion. Do you want to go to the brand in neat trousers? Choose a pair of Meyer trousers. Is Friday casual at work or do you not need to wear trousers? Meyer chinos are the perfect choice. Meyer offers a diverse collection, so every gentleman can find a pair of trousers to suit, regardless of the occasion.

Meyer men's trousers and chinos online

Men's trousers with style and comfort

Trousers from Meyer trousers are essential for the man who loves nice trousers, chinos and slacks. Meyer men's trousers are unique in every way. The brand only uses high-quality materials to manufacture its trousers. This ensures that the trousers will last for a long time. Moreover, the trousers have a great fit and the brand is suitable for all types of men. The brand supplies its trousers in three different fits. The brand's trousers are designed to last for years. Here's what the brand claims about its unique trousers:

  • always the right fit
  • made of the best quality
  • high quality comfort
  • unique designs and colours

The brand's men's trouser collections

Meyer is different from other trouser specialists in that it releases a new collection every year. If you look at the brand's collection, you will find a wide variety of colours. Many brands only offer solid coloured chinos, such as blue, black, khaki, beige and white. Meyer Trousers makes a wide range of chinos and trousers. For example, if you are looking for bright yellow chinos or salmon coloured chinos, you will find them at the Meyer men's trousers brand.

The materials used by Meyer trousers

As already mentioned, Meyer Hosen AG really does use the best materials, which results in a high level of comfort. Besides the high comfort, a pair of Meyer trousers has unique details. Think of the unique zip pocket where you can store your essentials. Or take a look at the inside of a pair of trousers, especially the lining and the patented round waistband. In addition, most of the brand's men's trousers contain a small amount of elastane, which provides a natural stretch. The trousers are also form-fitting and very easy to care for. However, the brand continues to rely on cutting-edge innovations in crotch materials. This ensures that every pair of Meyer men's trousers looks smart and impresses every man in the performance department. Once you've tried a pair of Meyer trousers, you'll never want to try another pair. Each pair of Meyer trousers will pair perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe, so you'll always look your best.

Buy Meyer trousers for men online

The different fits of the trousers

Because Meyer Hosen AG wants to provide every man with a pair of trousers that fit. The brand uses three different fits. These are

  • Regular Fit Trousers: Meyer's regular fit trousers have straight legs, a straight cut, a normal waist and a normal hem. Each of the brand's chinos is made in a chino. You can recognise the brand's chinos by the following names: Rome, Diego and Oslo.
  • Modern Fit Trousers: Meyer's modern fit trousers have straight legs, the modern fit and a waistband height and hem width of 38 cm in size 50. You can recognise the brand's modern fit chinos by the names: Chicago and New York.
  • Italian Fit Trousers: The Meyer Italian fit trousers have a slim silhouette with a 38 cm hem in size 50. The brand's Italian fit trousers are finished with elastane for a natural stretch. The brand's Italian-fit chinos can be recognised by their names: Bonn and Dubai.

The origin of Meyer trousers

Meyer Hosen AG was founded in Germany in 1960. Today, the brand exports to 35 countries worldwide and has 5000 retail partners. The brand has grown so much with a unique core value. And that is: quality down to the smallest detail. The fabrics and other materials are sourced from affiliated weaving mills in other European countries. Think of: Germany, Portugal and Italy. Only the best weaving mills are good enough. Each pair of trousers undergoes a special wash before being sold, which benefits the quality. Plus, the trousers are pre-washed and pre-shrunk so they won't shrink if you wash them yourself.

Personal service for men with style

Meyer men's trousers can be bought online via the webshop for shirts, T-shirts, jumpers, polo shirts, trousers and underwear in the Netherlands and Belgium. We distinguish ourselves by offering only high quality clothing. Personal service comes first. We want you to feel comfortable in your new Meyer men's trousers. The result is a collection of brands that have one thing in common: They are the best and most popular at the moment.